Sumatra – Bergandal Farm – Gayo, Aceh


Sumatra – Bergandal Farm – Gayo, Aceh B10322





Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh


Bergandal Farm


Tim Tim, Bourbon, Ateng (Catimor)


1500 masl




"Tart fruit acidity, mellow, grapefruit, almond and baking chocolate."


82 points


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$186.50 per bag

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At the northern tip of Sumatra, on the hillsides surrounding the town of Takengon and Lake Tawar in the Aceh region, is a well-known coffee-producing area known as Gayo Mountain. Here, coffee is grown under the shade of trees by mostly small-holder farmers, such as Sakdan (pictured here), at an average altitude between 1,110 - 1,600 masl.
Because of the large number of small-holder producers, their ability to process coffee at the farm-level, and the use of the traditional “gilling basah,” or wet hulled processing method, coffees from the Gayo Mountain area are typically more fruit forward, lighter in body, mellow, and a bit less ‘funky’ than coffee from other producing areas in Sumatra. The appearance of wet-hulled coffees from Sumatra can often be bluish in color, a product of a technique meant to speed up processing in an effort to mitigate the unpredictable weather in Sumatra.

This coffee was produced by Sakdan and his family, the owners and managers of the Bergandal Farm. Sakdan comes from a family that previously worked for the Dutch at the very farm they now operate; the family was able to earn their share of the land. In 1946, three varieties of coffee were planted at this farm in the Bener Meriah sub district of Gayo Mountain. Those varieties were a mix of Tim Tim, Bourbon and ‘Ateng,’ or Catimor. Those three varieties are still grown on this farm today.

This double-picked Sumatra has a tart fruit-like acidity that shines through its woody, heavy-toned base. Its supporting notes of a sweet nuttiness, and baking chocolate make it a well-rounded Full City or Full City + roast, augmenting the medium-to-heavy body and accentuating the inherent earthy/smokey notes in the cup -- excellent for those customers that want to add cream and sugar to a “strong” coffee. A lighter roast complements this coffee’s grapefruit and tart fruit acidity.