Ethiopia – Organic Guji – Natural – Shakiso – Kayon Mountain Farm – Grade 1


Ethiopia – Organic Guji – Natural – Shakiso – Kayon Mountain Farm – Grade 1 B11705





Shakiso, Guji, Oromia


Kayon Mountain Farm


74110, 74112


1900–2200 masl




"Very intense floral flavor with perfume, juniper and citrus fruit flavors; mild sweet, big fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel."


86 points


$5.76 per lb

$288.00 per bag

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The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm covers 500 hectares with about 300 hectares planted in coffee, and has been owned and operated by Ismel Hassen and his family since 2012. It is located 510 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, and the property crosses the border of two villages—Taro and Sewana—located in the Orogmia region, in the Guji zone of the Shakiso district of Ethiopia.

Ismel oversees a staff of 25 permanent full-time and 300 seasonal employees, and the farm management offers free transportation services as well as financial support for building schools and administration buildings for the community. The farm competes with a nearby mining village for seasonal workers, so Ismel and his family tend to pay higher wages to their pickers in order to incentivize them returning year after year.

Kayon Mountain farm has a nursery on-site, and utilizes shade (gravilla, accacia, and other indigenous trees) to protect the coffee as well as for creating compost to fertilize naturally. The farm is separated into different areas or Blocks, each one is marked by its size, the variety or varieties planted there (as well as the date they were planted), elevation, the number of plants, and the type of soil. Ismel is meticulous about not only the structure and management of the farm itself, but also the harvesting and processing. Both Natural and Washed lots are produced on the property.

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