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Caturra and Catuai


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Fully Washed


"Sweet lemon, nutty and herbal."


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Coffee has been cultivated in Costa Rica since 1779. Currently, the regions producing the best quality are Tarrazu, West Valley, and Central Valley. Coffee production has been threatened in the past decade due to a real-estate boom, converting coffee-lands into prime development properties. San Jose, the capital, is right in the heart of Central Valley where you will find private houses next to coffee farms. The value of these farms have now skyrocketed.

CoopeTarrazu RL

Coope Tarrazu RL was founded in 1960 with a capital investment of $5.800 from 228 small coffee growers. Today, they run the biggest wet mill of Costa Rica, processing more than 110.000 bags of green coffee from 3.000 producers. About 85% of the producers affiliated to the coop harvest 4 hectares or less.

Its success is based on looking after small producer´s interests, and providing other services to its members such as credit, agronomical and technical advice, sustainable prices, fertilizers, among others. The coop has also diversified about 45% of their portfolio in other areas such as gas stations, supermarkets, harware stores, and such.

This is the second harvest we have sourced coffees from CoopeTarrazu and we are very excited for this partnership. They´re just starting to explore the potential in the micro-regions of Tarrazu!

— Piero Cristiani

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