Colombia – Yellow Bourbon – Huila


Colombia – Yellow Bourbon – Huila B9038







Multiple Farmers


Yellow Bourbon


1900-1990 masl


"Grapefruit, chocolate and peanut."


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Yellow Bourbon is a natural cross between Red Bourbon and Amarelo de Botacuto, which is labelled as a Typica variant with yellow fruit. Bourbon resulted from selections made by French botanists in wild Yemeni coffee groves. Moved to controlled fields for propagation, the relatively humble stock produced a remarkable variety and was given the namesake of its nursery - Bourbon Island - upon its introduction to South American. Under expanded cultivation in Brazil, a yellow mutant with a unique flavor profile expressed itself and was isolated, expanded, and named for its color.

This Variety Select lot comes to us courtesy of 10 farmers from the small burroughs surrounding the village of Rio Negro, located in the municipality of Iquira, Huila:

Evangelista Oca — Finca La Esmeralda -1900 masl

Rodrigo Robayo — Finca Santa Rosa -1990 masl

Daniel Perdomo —Finca Buena Vista -1940 masl

Orlando Morea — Finca El Mirador -1940 masl

Arquimedes Olarte —Finca Santa Rosa - 1990 masl

Gabriel Perdomo — Finca El Portal - 1940 masl

Robinson Quebrada — Finca La Esperanza - 1990 masl

Guillermo Chantre — Finca Los Pinos - 1900 masl

Pascual Ulchur — Finca La Esperanza - 1900 masl

Argemiro Ruiz- Finca Villa Esperanza - 1990 masl

With an average farm size of 3-7 hectares, volcanic soil, an average temperature of 20-25° C, and 160 CM of annual rainfall, this area is extremely conducive to the cultivation of coffee. Generally, these farmers are processing only ripe cherries the same day of harvest using a dry fermentation of 18-24 hours. The coffees are then washed, and dried in parabolicos for an average duration of 12-18 days.

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