Colombia – Aromas del Sur – Palestina, Huila

Fully Washed

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Palestina, Huila


Various smallholder members of Aromas del Sur


Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Tipica, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, and Tabi


1400–1900 masl


Fully Washed


"Caramel, honey, tropical, floral, raisin, sage, tomato and tart acidity."


90 points


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We are happy to work with a new group, called "Aromas del Sur,” located in Palestina, Huila.

The founding members created the group in 2013, when they discovered the potential of specialty-coffee production. Currently 73 active members compromise Aromas del Sur.

The average farm size is 6 hectares, with an altitude range going from 1400 to 1900 masl. The highest farm is located at 1970 masl. The varieties commonly found on the farms are: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Tipica, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, and Tabi.

Harvest starts in October and peak harvest is in November; mitaca ("fly crop") is May and peak mitaca is in June. Producers harvest and mill their coffee following quality standards: They do a selective hand picking of ripe cherry, ferment the coffee to adequate level, and dry the coffee between 10–11.5% moisture content. The common practice is that the producers mill the coffee at their own farm, and once coffee is dried to the desire moisture content, it's transferred to Aromas del Sur's warehouse.

Aromas del Sur has a project called “Universidad del Café” (coffee university), the focus of which is to teach and implement quality procedures among the group's producers. The goal of the project is to train the producers in agricultural practices, commercial know-how, and cupping ability.

Aromas del Sur's warehouse functions as a storage place for parchment coffee, and has a well-equipped cupping lab for quality control. Each lot is cupped get the coffee profile and to check the quality.

Some facts about Palestina:

Palestina, located in the south of Huila, is also know as Agua Azul, ("blue water") because it's considered the main source of water for the department of Huila, having several water sources such as: Guarapas River, Suaza River, Aguas Claras River, La Quebradona River, Agua Azul River, and La Cumbre River.

Regional Select is a new project we have created in Colombia meant to highlight the unique profiles we have found are inherent in specific microregions within Colombia. The regions we will begin highlighting to start are Huila, Narino, Cauca and Tolima.

We think that the terroir or soil, sun weather and placement on the planet contribute largely to the flavor of these coffees when picked ripe and handled properly.